Accel Lifetime

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Accel Lifetime was created with the whole horse in mind. It packs a complete, and well balanced variety of essential nutrients in an easy to feed daily supplement. A key factor in the quality of overall health for a horse is its immune defense. Accel Lifetime has been using recent discoveries in antioxidant and immunology to give your horse’s top of the line nutritional support.  Accel Lifetime contains twice the vitamin E and selenium as regular Accel as well as GlutaSyn which is a unique milk serum protein isolate that supports immune function. 


• Great for horses during competition and travel

• Helps support immune system and overall health

• Twice the E and Selenium of regular Accel

• Compatible with almost any feeding program

$37.99 to $78.99

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Horses in intensive training, performance, during breeding, gestation or lactation- give 2 oz (2 scoops) daily. Mature horses, idle horses, moderate activity or maintenance- give 1 oz (1 scoop) daily. Weanlings and yearlings- start at ½ oz (½ scoop) daily, gradually increase according to body weight.

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