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Improving a foal’s health may be as simple as combining new GlycoGuard™ with the mare’s milk. GlycoGuard™ is an oral activated microbial gel, containing the direct fed microbials B. infantis and L. plantarum. GlycoGuard™ can help give vulnerable nursing foals the intestinal support they need for a great start in life.

Upon administering GlycoGuard immediately after birth, the absolute levels of fecal B. infantis immediately and significantly increase. Foals are then treated twice daily for the first four days of their lives. Fecal B. infantis levels remain elevated for the 14-day sampling period.

Single pack contains 8 servings. 


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Success Story


We have a foal on this product that had a very ruff start in life. Was admitted to equine hospital had surgery to remove 10 feet of her intestings. She was not getting any better with everything we tried. So after talking to our Vet we decided to give Glyco Guard a try. After just 2 doses we started to see a huge change in our little girl. We even had poop like substance instead of just the runs.. We could not be happier with how this product has helped our little girl and maybe even saved her life.

<br>I recommend this product to everyone. Its so easy to give and use and it works!!!!!