Iron X Cell

TRM Ireland Inc

IRONXCELL is a premium Iron Enriched B vitamin syrup with added Ginseng needed for red blood cell (RBC) synthesis.

The difference between two athletic horses of equal ability is very often the quality of nutrition they receive. Many horses in training are fed a high grain/low forage diet. The digestion of high levels of starch will reduce the pH of the caecum. This can result in the depletion of the B vitamin producing bacteria in the hindgut. B complex vitamins are water soluble, therefore they must be frequently supplemented as they are not stored in the body for any length of time. Top performance horses need dietary supplementation of B complex vitamins and Iron, as these nutrients are needed for red blood cell formation and important metabolic functions relating to exercise. IRONXCELL will supply these nutrients to fortify and strengthen performance horses.


Size 1 gal

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