Preserve PS

Kentucky Equine Research

Preserve PS is a scientifically formulated supplement that is full of prescription strength antioxidants, vitamin E, organic selenium, vitamin C and magnesium. Preserve PS supports muscle function through the use of antioxidant agents and essential nutrients. It has been proven to aid in muscle recovery after strenuous work and will reduce downtime between performances. 



Size 3 kg

Directions for use:

30g a day(1scoop) for maintenance 

60g a day(2scoops) for strenuous exercise and to aid in recovery from tying up. 

(Directions based on horses weighing 1,100lbs)

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Great for all hardworking horses!


Preserve has all the antioxidants needed to maintain muscle performance in my hard working dressage horse. His muscles stay supple and soreness stays at bay. Another great KER product!