Cavalor Resist

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Resist contains essential nutrients needed to help boost a higher level of immunity thus reducing the risk of injuries and infections.

A dietary feed for nutritional recovery and convalescence. It combines specific nutrients in high-grade biological compositions, which the horse's body needs more of in periods of increased stress in order to build up and maintain the necessary level of resistance. Cavalor® Resist is widely used by professional riders and stables because it produces good results. Horses with a proper level of resistance are known to be less susceptible to injuries. To learn more about this product please click the following link: CAVALOR Resist 

$172.99 to $378.99

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Dosage per animal per day: Administer until full recovery is achieved, but for at least 4 weeks. Competition horses: 50 grams (= 3 sachets of 17 grams each). Ponies and recreation horses: 25 grams (= 2 sachets of 17 grams each). (Maximum dose per animal per day: 105 grams (= 6 sachets).)

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