Ultrashield Red

WF Young
$19.95 to $59.95

Ultrashield Red combines 5 active ingredients to create a broad spectrum control for killing flies, mosquitos and ticks. While these are the typical insects of choice to repel Ultrashield Red also helps prevent agains gnats, midges, punkies, no-see-ums, chiggers, and fleas. 


• Kills and repels with a broad spectrum control 

• Ideal for turnout 

• Long lasting repellency can protect for up to 7days 

• Provides 24/7 protection 

• Gives coat an oil free shine

$19.95 to $59.95

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FarmVet Tip: I find that all of the Ultrashield fly sprays can be rotated as part of your fly arsenal! We use the red specifically for the horses that live out as we know it will keep them protected. -FarmVet Rider Alexis

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