A & J's Ice

Angel Gonzalez, Jr.

"Imitated But Never Duplicated" 

A & J's Ice poultice is the preferred choice of professionals. Works to draw out soreness, swelling and fever overnight.

A&J’s Ice Poultice is one of a kind. Its unique all natural formula will draw out soreness, swelling and heat from just about any part of your horse’s body.  It is fantastic for stone bruises and abscesses in the hoof or for packing your horses feet. After a heavy workout, poultice can be applied directly to the leg. It can be applied with or without a bandage. This process will help reduce inflammation, it can be left on overnight or completely dry. Poultice can be washed off poultice with water and gentle soap. 


• All natural

• Reduces inflammation

• Can be applied to almost every area of the body

• Great for packing feet

• The results will amaze you!


Size 15 lb

After a heavy workout, apply poultice directly to leg. Wrap with wet poultice paper, a pillow wrap and bandage. It can also be applied without bandages. Leave poultice on overnight, or until completely dry and cracked. Wash off with water and gentle soap.

If horse has a swollen leg, it can also be used as a sweat to draw out inflammation.

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