Andis ShowEdge Clipper


The Andis ShowEdge Clipper is a powerful clipper for all-around coat care. The quiet motor makes it a suitable choice for all sensitivity levels. Included with the clipper is a detachable blade, clipper oil, and a cleaning brush. These clippers are cool-running to allow for an easier clip job! 


Ergonomic shape makes them comfortable to hold

• Comes with detachable Andis ShowEdge 83/84W blade

• Will fit all Andis Ultra Edge, Andis Ceramic Edge and Andis ShowEdge Blades, as well as Oster detachable blades

• Lightweight yet heavy-duty clippers

• Made in the USA

FarmVet Tip: The Andis ShowEdge clippers can be found in multiple FarmVet riders' tack boxes as it is a great all-around choice! My mare likes to lean against the far side of the grooming bay (she just about falls asleep during body clipping) so the long cord makes sure that I can reach her whole body without needing an extension cord. - FarmVet Rider Abby

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Easy to hold


Easy to hold right out of the box. You need to change the blade to realistically do the detail work on the legs and face but overall nice for the body. Get a little warm as you go along, but I haven't had a pair of clippers that don't warm up. With some Kool Lube you're set to body clip!

Light weight body clipper


I bought these looking for a new body clipper, previously I had the old Oster clippers. I was pleasantly surprised with just how easy they are to use. They fit great in your hand and they run so smooth that you hardly create lines! And I clipped everything from wooly ponies to draft crosses and thoroughbreds all with them and they did a great job! The blades that they came with lasted 4 clips, and I bought extra t-10 blades for them when I wanted a bit of a closer clip job. They do get a little hot but with some Kool lube you are set.