Arti Matrix

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Arti Matrix by Cavalor is a complete powdered joint supplement that is designed to address issues in the following areas: cartilage, tissue, and tendon damage; inflammation, stress, and trauma to the joints, bones, and capsules: muscle tissue; and cartilage and synovial fluid quality. It fulfills the incread need for nutrients in the joints of sport horses engaging in strenuous activity and training. 

This unique joint supplement works on four levels:

- Reduces inflammation.

- Increases the flow of nutrients to the joints.

- Provided nutrients to help rebuild synovial fluid.

- Stimulates the body's natural resistance to fight against auto-immune reactions. 

All Cavalor products are Jockey Club and FEI safe.  

$267.99 to $599.99

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Active Ingredients: Chondroitin sulphate

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)



Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Compound (MCHC)



Omega Fatty Acids (gentle and natural anti-inflammatory)

Colostrum (protein with growth and immune stimulating properties)
Directions for use: Cavalor Arti Matrix can be used for prolonged periods of time to enrich daily nutrition.

Ponies: 1 packet or scoop (15g)/day

Horses: 2 packets or scoops (30g)/day

Sport Horses: 3 packets or scoops (45g)/day

Maximum Dosage: 6 packets or scoops (90g)/day

1packet or scoop = 15g

Time to peak effect: 10-12 days
Caution: Do not exceed more the maximum dosage per day.

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My Favorite Joint Supplement

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Arti Matrix has been the ONLY joint supplement that I have used and noticed a huge difference in my horses. I put my mare on it after she started showing signs of hind end soreness and stiffness after a heavy spring eventing season and noticed results within 2 weeks. My mare is moving even behind again, and is soft and supple in her hocks and lower limbs. She has continued to look and feel fabulous into the summer season. Cavalor Arti Matrix has kept her sound and free from having to be injected. Now, instead of injecting, I start my horses on Arti Matrix for a healthier approach to soundness issues.


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Cavalor ArtiMatrix has been vital. I used this product on a particular horse and that horse has never gone to the vet. I ran out of Cavalor Arti Matrix once for a few weeks, and during that time, we had an expensive trip to the vet. Needless to say, that horse went right back on Cavalor Arti Matrix.

Good for dogs too!


I don't own a horse, but I do own a dog (80 lb Boxer) who suffered from multiple fractures to his pelvis from a car accident when he was young. He can run, jump, and have fun like the rest of them, but his gate has been hitchy ever since the accident. I started feeding him 1/2 tsp sprinkled over his kibble each morning, and his gate improved significantly! He still gets hitchy every now and then, but not nearly as often or as bad as before.

At first the product may seem expensive, but you get so much of it since it's packaged for horses that it ends up being less expensive than the major Canine joint supplements.

Just be careful about the yellow staining when you use it. It behaves similar to turmeric in that regard.