Benefab Smart QuikWraps


The Therapeutic Smart QuikWrap is designed to contour to the horse, creating evenly distributed pressure on the leg. In addition, each magnet is enclosed in a cushion, which adds comfort to the wrap. The wrap speeds up recovery time for soreness and injury. Blood circulation and oxygen flow improve, and there is a marked reduction in pain and stiffness. 

The QuikWraps are available in a variety of sizes, so warmbloods, quarter horses, and more may benefit. These products also come in pairs for hind and front wraps. These wraps can be worn for up to 12 hours and are contoured for comfort with strong securing straps and perforated foam in the core. They will not shift, slide down, or rotate, and may be washed in cold water in a regular washing machine. These items should be line-dried. Also, avoid prolonged sun or heat exposure.


Contoured fit

Promote circulation

Made of Ceramic nano-particles


Machine washable


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