Pelham Tongue Port, Short Shank

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The Beris Pelham Tongue Port with short shank is a nice combination ported mouthpiece along with the pelham for extra control. The ported mouthpiece is great for those horses who cannot tolerate any pressure on the tongue. It allows for the tongue to rest comfortably in the mouth and helps to prevent horses from getting their tongue over the bit. The Pelham works as a Weymouth and a Bradoon. When the rein is attached to the snaffle ring the bit works as a hanging snaffle or bradoon; applying slight pressure to the poll and putting even pressure across the tongue. Once the curb rein is being used the leverage and lip pressure are increased along with stimulating the curb chain. This bit is meant to be used with 2 reins but can be adapted to whatever your needs. 

This bit comes with a soft or hard mouthpiece. The soft mouthpiece is very pliable and gentle for the more sensitive horses. The hard mouthpiece is better for the horse that tends to lean or that can get strong in the bridle.

Custom and special order products typically have longer lead times. Beris Products generally ship within 4-6 weeks, but could be sooner. If you require your products to be delivered by a certain date, please call Customer Service at 1-888-837-3626 or email us at Beris Bits are custom orders and can not be returned or exchanged. 


The Beris Pelham Tongue Port with Short Shank is made of a non-metal material and is available in a hard or soft mouth piece. This bit is a perfect combination of a mild mouthpiece along with pelham for extra control. 

  • Non-metal material
  • Generally used with two reins
  • Soft mouth piece is ideal for young sensitive horses
  • Hard mouth piece is ideal for horses that can get strong in the bridle
  • Shank is 5 cm long


FarmVet Tip:
The Beris bits are made of a very unique non metal material that is light weight and pleasant  in your horses mouth. 


Be sure to properly fit the bit to your horses mouth.

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