Bio-Bloom PS

Kentucky Equine Research
$74.95 to $299.95

Bio-Bloom PS creates a healthy coat and hooves from the inside out. Bio-Bloom PS helps promote healthy hooves and coats through the inclusion of key nutrients in levels that have been proven to speed hoof growth and create a healthy coat. 


$74.95 to $299.95

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• Creates a healthy, shiny coat
• Increases hoof growth
• Promotes a healthy horse from the inside out!  
Feeding Instructions:

30g to 60g for horses in ponies
60g for acute hoof damage and coat conditioning
90g to 120g for horses recovering from laminitis 
Ingredients:Analysis based on a 30g scoop

Methionine .....3000mg
Zinc ............... 200mg
Iodine .............2mg
Biotin .............20mg
FarmVet Tip: Use on a horse that has a dull, lifeless coat and see the shine come through! -FarmVet Rider Maggie 

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