La-Z-Boy Daisy Cuddler


The La-Z-Boy Daisy Cuddler from PetMate features a cozy, round bed that your pet will find comfort in. The Daisy Cuddler is made with a soft chenille inner layer and channeled wall side bolsters for cuddling deep into the bed. Made with a mixture of memory foam and traditional foam, this bed offers comfort for your dog's pressure points. The Daisy Cuddler has Never-Flat properties that ensure this bed will stay fluffy and supportive through general use. Size 24" L X 19" W.

  • Mixture of memory foam and traditional foam
  • Comfortable on your dog's pressure points
  • Never-Flat design keeps this bed supportive
  • Side-wall bolsters for extra cuddling
  • Size 24" L X 19" W
FarmVet Tip:
This bed is machine washable! Just remove the outer cover and wash. 

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