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Centurion Transpirator delivers pure water vapor at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract to decrease mucous build up within the lungs caused by dust or allergens. Common respiratory ailments such as; bronchitis, viruses, and colds may be shortened with use. Centurion Transpirator helps decrease allergy effects caused by exposure to dust, allergens, and air pollutants. Transpirator delivers pure water vapor at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract. Does not provide little water droplets as a nebulizer does, which can only reach the upper respiratory areas, but air, saturated to 100% humidity, which penetrates into the deepest and smallest airways. Over 300 liters per minute of soothing vapor is delivered to your horse for therapeutic benefits. A healthy, well hydrated respiratory tract is the first line of defense against respiratory agents. 


  • Power: 115V/60Hz. or 230V/50Hz. 
  • Water capacity: 3.0 quarts 
  • Unit weight: 19.5 Kg. (43 lb.) 
  • Unit Dimensions: 622mm (24 1/2″) x 279mm (11″) x 457mm (18″)

All Centurion Systems may be purchased or leased for three months. 


The Equine System ET-1000 is easy to operate and comes with a clear, well illustrated operator's manual. The treatment time of one to two hours does not distract from daily routine because most horses relax and doze during treatment. Our system is manufactured to the highest medical standards and will withstand the rigors of the racetrack environment. Built-in, fail-safe features prevent the delivery of vapor above the optimum temperature. The unit automatically turns itself off in the case of any malfunction or loss of water supply.


Therapy Return Policy:

Due to the sophisticated nature of our Therapy Products, returns, repairs, and warranty questions are processed directly through the manufacturer. Contact information is available on the company’s website. If you’d like help finding contact information, or need additional support from FarmVet, please reach out to us at

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