Cheltenham Eggbutt Gag


Centaur’s Cheltenham Eggbutt Gag bit provides leverage for the rider as well as a single-jointed mouthpiece action in the horse’s mouth. This bit is perfectly balanced across each side, providing maximum comfort and eliciting the most effective response from your horse. Made with high-grade stainless steel, Centaur guarantees against rust for the entire life of the bit. Gag cheekpieces sold separately. 

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  • Gag action puts pressure on the lips and poll to provide leverage and help raise the head
  • Single-jointed mouthpiece puts pressure on the tongue and bars
  • Lost wax cast and hand polished stainless steel
  • Centaur’s lifetime guarantee against rusting
  • Gag cheekpieces sold separately
FarmVet Tip:
Gag bits only provide leverage action when used with gag cheekpieces. Shop Here! 

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