Chrysanphyton from Equistro is specially formulated to help support your horse’s blood flow and circulation, especially in the hooves and legs. This unique blend of Chrysanthellum americanum and other plant-based ingredients contains antioxidants that support blood vessel health and promote natural blood vessel dilation. By increasing circulation, Chrysanphyton can help alleviate foot soreness and support soft tissue health.


Size 2000 gm

  • Supports circulation and blood flow, particularly in the lower leg and hoof
  • Blend of plant extracts and plant-based ingredients
  • Can help support tendon and ligament health
  • May alleviate hoof soreness
Chrysanthellum americanum powder, dried apple pulp, dried carob pod meal, barley flour, alfalfa
Mix in with daily grain meals. For adult horses, administer 20 grams twice per day.

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