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CleanTrax is a deep penetrating hoof cleanser proven effective in eliminating even the toughest infections, often in just one application.

Hoof infections are a serious matter. CleanTrax fights the toughest infections by eliminating bacteria, fungi, and spores from every layer and crevice of the hoof. It also removes any soft, dead tissue left behind from fungus attacking the hoof.


• Cures the most stubborn hoof infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or spores

• Removes dead tissue left behind by fungal activity

• In most cases, only one application is needed


Size 25 gm


• Store the bottle in a refrigerator or a cool dry place. DO NOT leave CleanTrax in the sun or exposed to heat.
Handling and Preparation: Do not open bottle until you are ready to use it. Before use, remove horseshoes or anything else on the hoof. If the horse is going to be shod, clean and prepare the hoof for shoeing first. CleanTrax is safe to use on open wounds and will not affect the quality, color or appearance of the skin or hair.

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