Hoof Moisturizer

Carr & Day & Martin
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Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturizer from Carr & Day & Martin is formulated for daily use on your horse's hooves. It supplies nourishment and moisture to dry hooves by penetrating deep into the hoof. Cornucrescine is designed to be used in dry conditions. 


  • Supplies moisture to dry and cracked hooves
  • Water based formula
  • For daily use
  • Comes with a quality brush for easy application


Apply liberally with internal brush to the entire hoof structure, on a daily basis. For damaged hooves, or a weekly boost, use Cornucrescine Intensive Hoof Moisturizer. 400ml will last up to 4 weeks, when used daily.


Make sure that the hoof is clean and dry before application. Apply to entire hoof structure daily. 

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