Defense+ For Dogs

$16.99 to $17.99

Defense+ for Dogs by Nutri-Vet helps to protect you dog against fleas and ticks. Its topical formula kills and repels fleas, mosquitos, lice, ticks and mites. Defense+ for dogs can help keep your pet safe for weeks at a time. 

$16.99 to $17.99

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  • Eight weeks of protection against flea eggs and larvae
  • Five weeks of protection against adult fleas
  • Six weeks of protection against ticks
  • Four weeks of protection against mosquitos, lice and mites
  • Topical formula
50% Premethrin
1.2% Pyriproxyfen

48.6% Other ingredients
Cut off tip with scissors while holding tube upright. Part the hair between your dogs shoulder blades. Apply solution on to the dogs skin between the shoulder blades. If applying formula to extra large dogs, application in front of the base of the tail is also necessary. 
Do not use on cats. This product is harmful to humans if swallowed or absorbed through the skin. For external use on dogs only. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age or less than 5 lbs.  Do not store in extreme heat or near an open flame. 

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