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Dermacloth by Kinetic is a pre-moistened, disposable cleansing cloth developed for the management of skin problems such as rain rot and girth itch in horses. Dermacloth is a no-rinse bathing solution and a convenient grooming alternative for horse shows and cold weather environments. Dermacloth contains soothing emollients, vitamin E, wound cleaner and Microban to enhance a healthy coat and add shine. 


  • Package of 8 disposable cleansing cloths
  • Soap and alcohol free
  • Rinse free
  • Microban (antimicrobial)
  • Safe for dogs & cats too!


FarmVet Tip:
Use DermaCloth in the winter as a substitute for cleaning wounds with water. The DermaCloth is already moistened and ready for use, just throw away the towel after you are done. Great for dogs and cats, too!


While DermaCloth is safe for use around eyes, nose, and mouth, be gentle when cleaning. Be sure to dispose of cloth properly in the trash. Contact your veterinarian if any adverse reaction occurs. 


Cotton, Cellulose Acetate, Polester, water, non-ionic surfactants, vitamin E, Dexpanthenol Microban Additive, Biguarnide (as preservatives) and fragrance


Pull out as many cloths as needed from container. Wipe the afflicted area with a fresh cloth until clean. Simply let the area you desired to clean air-dry, and the DermaCloth cleansing formula will do the rest. 

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