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Cavalor’s Dry Feet helps dry the frog and sole of your horse’s hoof and kill thrush-causing bacteria. Dirt and moisture can cause weak frogs and soles of the hoof, leading to infection and deterioration. This topical product hardens and dries the hoof, and is specially formulated to stick to the hoof longer.


  • Dries and hardens the hooves to kill bacteria
  • Helps prevent hoof erosion and lameness due to thrush infections
  • Formulated to stick to the hoof longer for extended efficacy
  • Easy spray bottle application


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not inhale. Wash hands after use. Keep out of reach of children.


Thoroughly clean the hoof prior to application. Spray 2-3 times per application.

To treat existing infections: Apply 3-5 days in a row until hoof is visibly drier.

To prevent infection: Apply 1-2 times per week. Do not use on dry hooves, as it can cause brittleness and cracking.

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Best product to treat wet/thrushy feet


I use this every spring when my horse is in mud a majority of the time. It does an excellet job of keeping the hoof healthy without over drying the sole and frog. I highly recommend it. My farrier is pleased with how this is helping to maintain my horses hoof health. Easy no mess application too! I LOVE this product!!



LOVE this product. Our turnout is limited and often quite wet. Because of that, we are constantly battling thrush and weak soles. This product has been such a game changer since starting to use it earlier this year. A little goes a long way and it doesn't have harmful side effects like some other products we've used to battle the wet. Highly recommend.

Works Great!


We have several paddocks that just don’t drain no matter what and this is the only thing that keeps the thrush at bay. We’ve tried all the green and purple things and this is what works. Bonus that it doesn’t stain hands!

Dry Feet solved the problem of chronic debilitating thrush!


I had a horse I bought in poor condition and chronic thrush. Over time his condition improved dramatically with good quality food and hay. But, his chronic thrush wouldn’t go away and caused him to be lame sometimes. Over the years I had tried everything, even a prescription from the vet. It would get better but never go totally away until I used Dry Feet. My farrier told me about Dry Feet
<br>From another barn who treated a horse with chronic thrush. I am so thankful I found Dry Feet.

Great product! A must have for thrush and prevention.


This product is amazing! You can see improvement on a bad thrush case after just one use. Highly recommend for wet environments. I even use it as a preventative in horses that don't use issues because it doesn't smell or stain like other products.

My horses feet have never looked better


I use Dry Feet every day on my horse. This is her first winter in Virginia and I wanted to make sure that her feet stayed healthy and thrush-free. Before and after every ride, I pick her hooves and spray them with Dry Feet. I have noticed reduced cracks, no smell, and harder feet in just a month. It is SO easy to use, so I have started to use it on all the horses I ride.

Great for cracked hooves


I started using this after my horse got a stone bruise. It was a harsh winter and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to reduce thrush, white line, bruising, cracking. I started spraying this in her feet everyday and her feet have never looked better. My farrier even complemented them.