DuraLyte EQ Electrolyte Paste

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DuraLyte EQ Electrolyte Paste from Durvet offers superior rehydration for your horse. This unique formulation will help replenish electrolytes and any other nutrients expended through sweating. It also encourages your horse to drink more water, further replenishing hydration. It is great for use after strenuous exercise, hot temperatures, trailering, and more. With its easy-to-administer packaging and apple flavor and scent your horse will love, this paste is a staple for any equestrian.


  • Provides superior rehydration
  • Great for use after strenuous exercise or in hot weather
  • Easy to use
  • Apple flavor and scent


Feed contents onto the back of the horse’s tongue. The tube is conveniently marked on the plunger for every 100lbs of body weight. Select the proper dosage for your horse's size prior to administering.

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