Effol Hoof Oil

Schweizer-Effax GMBH

Healthy hooves is important and the new Effol Hoof Oil uses moisturizing ingredients that will give you the ultimate protection and promote elasticity and softness for your horse's hooves.

Even more convenient is the easy-application process provided by the all-in-one brush-tin. It helps keep the application process clean and tidy, while ensuring you don't waste a single drop. 

Effol Hoof Oil is made so that it will absorb into the hoof quickly and keep a beautiful shine long after application. 
Laurel Oil, Lanolin, Tyme
Apply liberally to clean dry Hoof. Repeat as needed. 
FarmVet Tip:

Use Effol's Hoof Oil regularly to lock in moisture and reduce the chance for cracking and more. 

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