EquiFit Eq-Teq Front Boots

$244.95 to $249.95

The Eq-Teq Front Boots are the first boots by EquiFit to be designed specifically for the needs of Equitation riders. EquiFit knows the perfect way to combine protection and comfort with sophisticated style. These boots feature an anatomically molded outer shell, shock absorbing ImpacTeq Peel Away Liners and three 1.25” wide straps for a customized fit. 

The ImpacTeq liners have removable cubes in target zones which allow you to create a custom fit for your horse even if they have uniquely shaped legs, wounds or other hard to fit issues. 


• EverLeather and ImpacTeq Technology

• Black with black elastic

• Specifically designed with the equitation rider in mind

• Fit all types nicely

• Shock absorbing liner

• Liner is removable for easy washing and care

$244.95 to $249.95

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