The EquiFit BellyBand is the perfect tool for keeping your horse safe from spur rubs and girth sores. Made with breathable, non-neoprene elastic, this band wraps around your horse’s barrel and rests under the girth for a contoured, comfortable fit. Adjustable Velcro girth loops, safety closures, and straps that hook to the D-rings of your saddle hold the BellyBand securely in place. This product is a must-have for show barns that need to prevent unsightly, uncomfortable marks on their horses’ sides. 



Attribute black

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Sizing Guide:

Pony - 62" in length

Cob - 73" in length

Horse - 75" in length

Oversized (XL) - 77" in length

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Game Changer!


This is a game changer for the sensitive horses in the barn! My mare is grey and tends to loose hair right where my leg sits. It doesn't matter if I wear spurs or not she looses the hair on her sides. Ever since the belly band came out though I don't have to worry and we can continue to train with out any issues!