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The EquiFit BellyBand is the perfect tool for keeping your horse safe from spur rubs and girth sores. Made with breathable, non-neoprene elastic, this band wraps around your horse’s barrel and rests under the girth for a contoured, comfortable fit. Adjustable Velcro girth loops, safety closures, and straps that hook to the D-rings of your saddle hold the BellyBand securely in place. This product is a must-have for show barns that need to prevent unsightly, uncomfortable marks on their horses’ sides. 



  • Tough fabric protects sensitive skin agains spur rubs and girth sores
  • Breathable
  • Non-neoprene elastic prevents bacterial growth
  • Easy-to-use velcro loops
  • Lower safety closures and D-ring straps for a secure fit


Sizing Guide:

Pony: 62" in length
Cob: 73" in length
Horse: 75" in length
Oversized (XL): 77" in length

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Game Changer!


This is a game changer for the sensitive horses in the barn! My mare is grey and tends to loose hair right where my leg sits. It doesn't matter if I wear spurs or not she looses the hair on her sides. Ever since the belly band came out though I don't have to worry and we can continue to train with out any issues!

game changer


This has been a game changer for horses at the barn with Sensitive skin! Especially the ones who get rubs just from legs touching them!



Super helpful and keeps those show horses looking good

Perfect Fit


Love this product for our Eq horses while in training. Fits great, never slides or bunches up and keeps the rubs away. Highly recommend!

Perfect for Lazy or Sensitive Skin horses


Great for horses with sensitive skin or lazy bums! I despise spur marks!

Durable Great Product


I don't use it all the time, but occasionally after clipping my horse I'll give him a slight spur rub. I then ride him with this for the next week-ish to make sure it doesn't get any worse. I've had mine for a while and its held up fantastically. Easy to use and stays in place because of the saddle clips.

Fantastic Product


This pad is a fantastic product and a game changer for sensitive horses! I had one that would get rubs just from the boot even without a spur. This pad allowed us to school him with no worries and kept his coat looking great. It is easy to put on, fits great, and doesn't slip!

Very useful product


Very useful for preventing or healing leg or spur rubs

Sensitive skin be saved!!


The bellyband is amazing !!! It has been so helpful to save my sensitive greys’ sides! No more rubs!!