Small Trailering First Aid Kit

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The Small Trailering First Aid Kit from EquiMedic deserves a spot in every equine trailer to keep your horse safe in case of an emergency while you're traveling. This bag is EquiMedic's most popular for a reason; containing 47 unique products and 180 total items, you're sure to have everything you need. The bag can be carried from a top handle or unzipped and unrolled it reveals a hook to hang the bag in your trailer or close to your horse while in use. It's made of bright red, durable nylon, so it's easy to spot when you need it most. Don't be caught without the supplies you need; add this bag to your trailer for peace of mind knowing you have all the essentials while you're on the road. 


  • Emergency medical supplies to treat 1-3 horses
  • Can be carried from a top handle or unrolled and hung from a hook
  • Bright red, durable nylon fabric is easy to spot in an emergency
  • Perfect for trailers, or can be used in the barn 

  • 9lbs
  • 11" tall x 16" wide x 11" deep
  • 1936 cubic inches of storage space

Items Included: 
EquiMedic USA Soft-Sided Large Hanging Medical Bag, Alcohol Wipes, Sanitizing Wipes, Povidone Iodine Swabsticks, Bloodstop Powder, Eye Wash, Flashlight, Non-Sterile Dressings, Small & Medium Sterile Dressings, Non-Adherent Dressings, Exam Gloves, Hoof Pick, Long Wooden Handled Cotton Applicators, Tourniquet, Medical Towels, 2” & 4”Cohesive Tape Rolls; Wood Applicators; ¾” Self-Adhesive Bandages; 1” Self-Adhesive Bandages, Bandage Scissors, Bandage Pins, Betadine Surgical Scrub, Antiseptic Ointment, Cotton Roll, Electrolyte Powder, Hydrogen Peroxide, Liniment, Thumb Forceps, 2” Elastic Adhesive Tape Roll; Iodine Wipes; Rolled White & Brown Gauze; Microbial Wipes, Germicidal Wipes, Small & Large Instant Cold Packs, Betadine Solution, Wrap Cutter, Emergency Blanket, 3cc, 6cc, 10cc, 20cc & 30cc Syringes, 18g X 1”, 20g X 1”, 18g X 1.5” & 20g X 1.5” Hypodermic Needles. 

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