EquiShield CK HC Salve


EquiShield CK HC Salve by Kinetic Vet is a medicated topical salve used for the treatment of skin conditions such as bacterial dermatitis in horses, dogs and cats. EquiShield CK HC Salve is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic with active ingredients chlorhexidine, ketoconazole and hydrocortisone. It also contains lanolin to moisturize while the treated skin is healing. 

  • Lanolin to gently moisturize
  • Contains ingredients that have both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects
  • Unscented
  • Absorbs quickly upon application
  • Treats a wide variety of topical dermatological conditions
About the Ingredients
  • Chlorhexidine Glutonate - is a antiseptic antibacterial agent used to prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin
  • Ketoconazole - is used to treat fungal or yeast infections by killing both the fungus or yeast and then preventing its further growth
  • Hydrocortisone - provides needed relief to the inflammed areas of the skin 
Avoid appliation near eyes or mucous membranes. 

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