EquiShield CK HC Salve

Kinetic Vet
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EquiShield CK HC Salve by Kinetic Vet is a medicated topical salve used for the treatment of skin conditions such as bacterial dermatitis in horses, dogs and cats. EquiShield CK HC Salve is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic with active ingredients chlorhexidine, ketoconazole and hydrocortisone. It also contains lanolin to moisturize while the treated skin is healing. 


  • Lanolin to gently moisturize
  • Contains ingredients that have both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects
  • Unscented
  • Absorbs quickly upon application
  • Treats a wide variety of topical dermatological conditions


FarmVet Tip:
Re-apply salve to skin only after the coat of formula has dried. Coating the skin with salve in frequent layers helps to keep the skin moisturized and clean. 


Avoid application near eyes or mucous membranes. If this product comes in contact with sensitive areas and a reaction occurs, contact your veterinarian. 


Chlorhexidine, Glutonate, Ketoconazole, Hydrocortisone


Scoop out the amount of salve needed for the afflicted area. Apply directly to wound. 

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