Equilume Stable Light

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The Equilume Stable Light offers a solution to help balance your horse's circadian and circannual rhythms, offering health and wellness benefits you'll see in and out of the show ring. The lights offer blue-enriched white light during the day, soft red light at night, and gradual transitions that mimic lighting your horse would be exposed to while living outdoors. Horses living many hours indoors during the day or night have frequent disruptions and can suffer from this unnatural schedule. Equliume Stable Lights help maximize fertility, appetite, condition, and performance, counteracting the impacts modern equine management has on the horse's natural cycles and restoring these important rhythms. With Equilume, you can Increase or reduce the timing of daylight throughout the year to mimic natural seasonal changes.

Controller panels are required to operate the stable lights and are sold separately.



  • White, blue-enriched daylight
  • Soft, red light during the evening
  • Gradual transitions at dawn and dusk mirror natural light patterns
  • Help restore your horse's circadian and circannual rhythms
  • Adjust the length of daylight to mimic seasonal changes
  • Supports healthy condition of your horse, fertility, performance, appetite, and overall wellbeing

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