Equimune from NovaVive is an immunotherapeutic product indicated to help in the treatment of viral Equine Respiratory Disease Complex. This medication is administered intravenously to help minimize lung damage related to respiratory diseases, as well as help stimulate the healing process and boost immune responses. Treatment using Equimune may help your horse combat respiratory irritants and return to its normal performance level. Equimune may be most effective in the early, acute stages of treatment.


Size 1.5 ml

  • Immunotherapeutic medication
  • Indicated to help treat viral Equine Respiratory Disease Complex
  • Intravenous administration
  • Helps increase immune responses and combat respiratory irritants
  • May help minimize lung damage due to respiratory disease
  • Packaged in a 1.5mL single dose vial
Administer 1.5mL intravenously into the jugular vein. You may repeat treatment 1-3 weeks after initial dose. 

Side effects Equimune may include mild fever, drowsiness, and increased catabolic rate leading to decreased appetite for 1-2 days.
For veterinary use only. Ensure emulsion in the injection by gently rolling the vial between your hands. Do not freeze. Use the entire contents of the vial once opened. Use proper sterilization practices at the injection site. Monitor horses with a history of hyper-immune disease carefully after administration. Keep out of reach of children. 

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