Equine Parasite Test Kit

Zero Egg Count
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The Equine Parasite Test Kit from Zero Egg Count is a simple test that allows you check your horse for internal parasites. Trusted by both veterinarians and trainers, this test can be performed on horses of any age or breed. The test analyzes a fecal egg count from your horse in order to find their ideal deworming program.


  • Mail-in test for internal parasites
  • Trusted by veterinarians and trainers
  • Works on horses of any age and breed
  • Helps to find your ideal deworming program


Kit Includes:
  • Transparent, leakproof resealable specimen bag to collect fecal sample
  • Reusable, non-toxic, coolant pack to keep sample cool during shipping and prevent hatching
  • Insulated, pre-addressed shipping envelope that protects contents during shipping
  • Collection and treatment form with easy-to-follow instructions

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