Equishield SA Powder

Kinetic Vet
$46.79 to $197.99

Equishield SA Powder from Kinetic Vet helps to address your horse's seasonal and year-around allergies. Common allergens can be frustrating, but with the addition of Ground Stabilized Flaxseed your horse's immune response to those allergens is reduced. 

Equishield SA also contains ingredients that benefit the overall health of your horse's skin including maintaining hydration.

$46.79 to $197.99

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Daily: 1 scoop (30 grams) for every 1,100 lbs
"I'm a nurse and was surprised that Equishield SA Equine Powder worked so well. I got the first one from my horse's vet. It helped relieve rashes one of my horses gets in the spring/summer and another one who has nasal drainage in the spring."

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