Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit

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The Carry-Cool Sport Horse Cooling Kit from EquiSourcse is an easy, portable wrap designed to work with your horse to lower elevated body temperatures after exercise, competition, or during hot conditions. The absorbent material is perfectly contoured to wrap around your horse's neck and is super absorbent. This kit comes with ice packs and an insulated bag to keep the wrap and ice packs chilled until you're ready to use them. The wrap also has straps that help keep it in place and allow you to use it while your horse is tacked. For added cooling, you can add water to the absorbent wrap.



  • Portable warp designed to work with your horse to lower elevated body temperatures 
  • Absorbant, contoured material
  • Water can be added to increase cooling effects
  • It comes with the wrap, ice packs, an insulated bag, and straps


Step 1: Prepare
Wet the wrap thoroughly, wring out extra water, and place it in the water-resistant sleeve. Zip up the water-resistant sleeve, and add it to the cooler tube with the Carry-Cool ice packs. Ice packs should be frozen and stored in a freezer until you're ready to prepare the Carry-Cool.
Caution: Do not let the carry cool fabric come into direct contact with the ice. The water-resistant bag protects your wrap from damage that could be sustained if it is stored in direct contact with the ice packs.

Step 2: Use
Remove the now cold Carry-Cool wrap from the water-resistant sleeve and place it on your horse's neck with the straps centered over the withers (one strap on each side of the horse). These straps can be attached to the saddle if desired. Stretch this panel of the wrap towards the pull, with the other long panel facing down towards the ground. Wrap this long panel underneath your horse's neck and back up over the crest, and secure it with velcro. Leave 2 fingers room minimum in between the wrap and your horse's throat for safety and comfort.
Step 3: Cooling
Once in use, the warp will become warmer as it removes heat; this is normal and temporary. The wrap will cool back down as the heat removal and evaporation continue to refresh your horse. You can add more water to the wrap to prolong the cooling effect if you plan to use it over a long period of time.
Step 4: Storage
The wrap can be stored in the water-resistant pouch. It can be allowed to dry out by leaving the zipper pouch open or by hanging the wrap out. Care should be taken not to bend the wrap while it's dry, or it will break.

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