Equivizor Tinted Recovery Vizor

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Equivizor Tinted Recovery Vizor by Provisor is made to provide maximum protection from the sun for horses suffering Uvetits, recovering from eye surgery/injuries/scratches, and more. This vizor features 90% UV tint, adjustable straps for the perfect fit, and a Sherpa lining for comfort. You also can leave it on in the trailer or in the field without worrying about the vizor collapsing from your horse rolling or rubbing. 


  • Made with tinted soft PVC
  • Helps prevent abscess injury to the lens, iris, and retina
  • Additional mesh attachment to keep insects away 
  • Protects eyes after eye surgery, injury, etc. 
  • 90% UV tint
  • Will not collapse onto the eyes in rolling or rubbing 
  • Full-field of vision 
  • Sherpa lining
  • Can be used during trailering to prevent eye injust 

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2 reviews