Fluvac Innovator 4

$18.95 to $159.95

Fluvac Innovator 4 made by Zoetis delivers protection against equine influenza viruses (EIV), Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, and Tetanus. 

$35 refrigeration fee is required. This includes Overnight Shipping and Ice Packs to ensure it arrives at the recommended temperature. 

$18.95 to $159.95

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  • Only vaccine with EIV strain KY '97
  • Adjuvanted with MetaStim for improved response
Prior to injecting, properly cleanse injection site using the antiseptic technique.  Give 1mL intramuscularly once per year. A booster dose can be given 3-4 weeks after initial dose in unvaccinated or naive horses.  
FarmVet Tip:
Always consult your veterinarian before beginning a vaccination plan.
Follow instructions carefully. DO NOT FREEZE. Shake well before use. Store away from light at 35-45 degrees. Do not vaccinate within 21 days before slaughter. 

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