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For-Recovery from Foran Equine helps maintain optimal body function and recovery in performance horses. It contains Ubiquinol CoQ10, which is an antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress. It also aids in energy production to keep your horse performing at its best. For-Recovery is an excellent option for horses that have difficulty with muscle or respiratory recovery after an increased workload.


  • Antioxidants combat oxidative stress post-workouts
  • Helps maintain optimal body function
  • Improves muscle and respiratory recovery
  • Reduced risk of conditions associated with oxidative stress
  • Ideal for horses under an increased or heavy workload


Feed a loading dose of 2 packets daily for 10 days, then a maintenance dose of 1 packet daily. Optimal results are seen when fed at least 21 days prior to an event or when Ubiquinol CoQ10 support is first needed.


150 mg Silicic acid, 500 mg Coenzyme Q10-Ubiquinol, Calcium, Carbonate, Maize, Starch, and Dextrose

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