V.S.L. Liquid

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Foran V.S.L. Liquid is premier equine supplement packed with antioxidants and amino acids that help to support your mare or stallion throughout the entire breeding process. V.S.L or Vitamin E, Selenium and Lysine supports healthy fertility in stallions and mares as well as, optimal colostrum quality and adequate milk production in mares. Approved for long-term use, V.S.L Liquid is formulated to help mares and stallions when fertility is a concern.


  • Supports fertility in mares and stallions
  • Contains Vitamin E, Selenium and Lysine
  • Supports muscle function
  • Safe for long-term use
  • Provides nutrients that provide optimal colostrum quality and milk production


Directions for Use:
Yearlings (200-350KG): 25ml
Small Horse/Ponies (300-450KG): 25ml
Adult Horse/Mare in Foal (450-600KG): 50ml

Days Supply:
1 Liter: 20 Days
2.5 Liters: 50 Days
5 Liters: 100 Days


Vitamin E, Selenium (sodium selenite), L-Lysine Monohydrochloride

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