Therapeutic Exercise Front Boots

Back On Track

Therapeutic Exercise Boots (front) by Back on Track provide injury prevention and increased circulation for the horse's legs while at work. Innovative Welltex technology uses the horse's own body heat to generate soothing infrared therapy while offering a protective barrier from dirt and gravel. 


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  • Ceramic powder embedded within the fibers of the neoprene stimulates soothing warmth to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation
  • Contoured shape and velcro straps provide a secure fit to the leg and joint 
  • Easy to clean
To measure your horse for these boots: measure the height of the cannon bone from just below the knee to the fetlock. 
FarmVet Tip:
These Front Boots are easier to put on than standard polo wraps!
To keep your Back on Track Front Boots fresh, wash in cold water with light detergent. Hang to dry only. 

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