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GastroEase Rescue Paste is a total GI system support supplement that combines prebiotics and probiotics with essential soothing agents and acid neutralizers to optimize gastrointestinal function. It is great to use before stressful situations of for horses showing signs of gastric distress. 

This comprehensive supplement is designed for managing the GI tracts of performance horses who are put through changes in their environment and different stressors on a daily basis. Ideal for daily use, this supplement pairs well with an omeprazole regimen and can be fed before, during, and after for continued support. GastroEase supports healing and prevention of ulcers, soothes and heals hind gut inflammation and supports maintenance of bacteria and enzyme levels to promote optimum performance and health.


• Supports gastric lining and handgun health

• Contains acid neutralizers and soothing agents

• Contains probiotics and prebiotics for GI flora

Contains no prohibited substances! Also available in powder. 

Directions for use: 

Preventative use: Feed 30cc (one half oral syringe) to 60cc (one full oral syringe) per day during stressful situations. Ideal to administer while tacking up before performance or training. 

For horses in gastric distress: Feed 60cc immediately. Repeat in 90 minutes if condition persists. All horses in gastric distress should receive prompt veterinary attention. 

Flows best at room temperature.


Tips for Best Results: GastroEase EQ is great to use alongside UlcerGard and GastroGard (medications that your vet may prescribe). GastroEase EQ may be used continually afterwards to maintain digestive support.
FarmVet Tip: We all have at least one of the PerfectProducts in our tack trunks at all times! - FarmVet Rider Trisha

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works but not worth the price


To be honest I don't really know why you'd pick this over ulcer guard and a daily digestive supplement. We fed it a few days in a row that we had our horse shipped to see if it would help with the runny poops he was having (it did) and we were also feeding ulcer guard at the time. I think cost wise you'd be better off just doing a daily digestive supplement and sticking with ulcer guard before and during a big event. At $15 a tube your already almost halfway to the monthly cost of doing a daily supplement.