Corta-Flx HA-100 Pellets

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Corta-Flx HA-100 pellets help to maintain well-lubricated healthy joints and connective tissue in horses. This supplement contains hyaluronic acid and key active ingredients comparable to chondroitin and glucosamine but is able to provide more efficient and effective nourishment to joints. The nutrients are isolated in unique molecules that can penetrate cellular walls with maximum assimilation to be more readily utilized. This formula is clinically proven and can be an alternative to hyaluronic acid injections when supplemented as directed. It is formulated in easy-to-feed palatable pellets.


  • Joint supplement containing hyaluronic acid
  • Easy-to-feed pellet form 
  • Formulated with unique molecules for optimal metabolizing by the body
  • Alternative to hyaluronic acid joint injections


For the first 5 days feed 2oz per day, then feed 1oz daily thereafter

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