Handy Salve

Lucky Braids

Lucky Braids Handy Salve helps alleviate skin irritations like rain rot, scratches, scruff, rashes, and tail rubbing.

Lucky Braids Handy Salve reduces inflammation and soothes irritated skin.  It works great for scratches, bites, rubes, itchy spots and other skin irritations by moisturizing skin and hair. Although some skin products can be greasy or drying, Handy Salve promotes healing and is absorbed completely by the skin without leaving residue behind.


• Soothes irritating skin

• Does not attract dirt or dust 

• Not greasy

• Promotes healing

• Hydrocortisone-medicated forumla

• Best formula to cure tail rubs, dogs with hot spots, etc.

Note: This product may test USEF and FEI 


Size 4 oz

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