Health-E Maximum Strength Vitamin E

Equinie Medical and Surgical Assoc.
$72.95 to $174.95

Health-E Maximum Strength Vitamin E Supplement is the highest strength Vitamin E supplement with all eight forms of Vitamin E recommended by veterinarians for all horses. This vitamin e supplement tastes great and is picky eater approved! 

$72.95 to $174.95

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It is also low in sugar, starch, and fructans thus making it safe for insulin resistant, Cushings, and PSSM/EPSM horses. 

It contains no Selenium, fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.
• Contains all eight forms of Vitamin E which doctors recommend.
• University certified for Vitamin E strength. 
• No fillers, artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 
• Contains no selenium.
Directions for use:  

Average daily dose: Mix one full scoop once a day in the morning feed for 5,784 IU of Vitamin E. 

Intense Therapy Daily Dose: Mix two full scoops twice a day, one in the morning feed and one in the evening feed for a total of 11,568 IU of Vitamin E.

The 1.32lb size contains 60 scoops and the 3.96 size contains 180 scoops. Scoop is included inside the container. 

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