Heavy Sweat

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Heavy Sweat is formulated to replicate the salts that are lost during exercise. This is the perfect solution for a horse that is in heavy work and is sweating heavily! While some horses do not show visible signs of sweating, they will still benefit from the added support of electrolytes. Give the pinch test a try! The pinch test is where you pull out a pinch of skin on your horse's neck or shoulder and observe how quickly it springs back into place when you let it go. The more dehydrated the horse is, the longer the skin pinch will stay elevated. 

$60.00 to $139.00

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Directions for use: Administer one 50g scoop daily. For horses in intense work, give two 50g scoops. Replace lid after each use. 
1. Use mixed in with damp feed.
2. Use mixed in a syringe.
3. Use in drinking water. 
NOTE:Always give a choice of two drinking water buckets- one with Heavy Sweat and one without. 
Active Ingredients: 
Pure body salts
Chloride 56%
Sodium 27%
Potassium 15%
Magnesium 2%
FarmVet Tip: I give electrolytes to all of my horses year round. While it is important to replenish what is lost from sweat, it is also important to encourage drinking during the winter. - FarmVet Rider Sammy

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Good Brand


I like the brand and tried this. Liked it for my TN Walkers.