Cavalor Hoof Aid Basic


Cavalor Hoof Aid is jammed packed full of biotin as well as other essential vitamins and minerals important in proper hoof maintenance.

Hoof Aid is specially developed to keep the hooves in optimal condition and to ensure that hooves in poor condition receive necessary nutrients. Thanks to its unique composition, Hoof Aid offers remarkably fast and lasting results! In addition to high-grade biotin, Hoof Aid contains vitamin A, vitamin D3, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and sulphur compounds. 

Hoof Aid also offers essential amino acids, which are necessary for the uptake and transportation of the active ingredients. Without these many of the ingredients would not arrive in the hoof region, which is not well endowed with blood vessels. Cavalor Hoof Aid is included in the FRASC program for equine top sport. To learn more about this product please click the following link: CAVALOR Hoof Aid


Size 0.8 kg

Per Day: 25 grams of powder sprinkled over the feed. Continue the treatment for at least two months (the effect builds up gradually). (Maximum dose per animal per day: 100 grams.)

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