Hoof Ice Boot

Ice Horse
$169.99 to $269.99


The Ice Horse Hoof Ice Boot provides cold compression therapy from the cornet band all the way down to the toe. The use of regular ice, tubs and some ice boots can expose the hoof to excess moisture. The cold packs in the ice boot allow you to use cold therapy without soaking your horse's hoof. 

This product is primarily used to help ease pain associated with laminitis. The ice backs conveniently velcro into the tri-fold design. This boot comfortably secures on to the foot and features a silicon rubber sole that provides traction and support. Icing feet has never been so easy and mess free!


  • Provides cold compression therapy from the toe all the way up to the cornet band 
  • Ice packs conveniently velcro to the inside of the boot 
  • Tri-fold design comfortable secures the boot on to the hoof 
  • Silicon rubber sole provides traction and support 
  • Ice packs can be re-frozen 
  • Ice packs can stay cold for up to 2 hours 
  • Velcro closure allows you to fit the boot to your horses hoof perfectly


  • Shoe Size: 00-1
  • Sole Width: up to 5.5in/14cm
  • Sole Length: up to 6.5in/17.5cm 

  • Shoe Size: 2-3 
  • Sole Width: up to 6.25in/16cm
  • Sole Length: up to 6.75in/17.5cm

  • Shoe Size: 4-5
  • Sole Width: up to 6.75in/17.25cm
  • Sole Length: up to 7.5in/19.5cm


FarmVet Tip:
When measuring hoof for size, measure from heel to toe. You may also call our sales team for any other sizing questions.

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