Hoof Balsam

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Hypona Hoof Balsam is a complete horse hoof ointment that controls moisture within the hoof without damaging the hoof’s natural Keratin fibers and promotes flexibility. Hypona Hoof Balsam also provides a wide array of beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to promote hoof health and keep them free of fungus and bacteria.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Does not damage the hoof’s keratin fibers.
  • Antiseptic prevents thrush and helps treat minor wounds
  • Promotes blood flow, which then promotes hoof growth


FarmVet Tip:
Hypona hoof dressing can be used on the bottom of the horses hooves to prevent thrush. 


For equine use only. 


Hypona Hoof Balsam (16 oz) comes with an applicator for ease of administration.
Can be used every day to keep your horse’s hooves comfortable and healthy.

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Best Hoof Dressing!


This is by far the best hoof dressing on the market! It not only makes their feet look beautiful before they go into the show ring but it's also so good for them. It has become a part of our daily routine just like picking their feet. In the dry months we use it to keep their feet from getting brittle and in the winter months we use it primarily on the soles and frog to keep bacteria and fungus away. We haven't had a horse with thrush since using it. I have even used it on over reaches and they heal great!



I like it



I used to use a different hoof polish but my friend had this at the barn and so I tried some. It is WAY better than the other stuff I was using. It really soaks into the hoof well versus just sitting on top off the hoof so I know it works better and it also leaves a great shine and polish. I like it soo much better! I won't go back to using the old product that will not be named.