Shock Absorbing Half Pad


Lami-Cell's Shock Absorbing Half Pad is made with a lightweight memory gel-foam that helps support and protect your horse's back. Along with the high degree of shock absorption, this half pad's anatomical design helps to reduce pressure points and provide spine relief. Shaped to fit comfortably under your saddle and on top of your usual square, dressage, or baby pad.

  • Memory gel-foam absorbs shock
  • Anatomically shaped to reduce pressure points and provide spine and wither relief
  • Lightweight support
  • Durable and long lasting
  • 21" long spine
FarmVet Tip:
As with all half pads, make sure to check for pinching at the withers and shoulders before riding in this pad. Since all saddles are build slightly differently and come in a variety of tree widths, this pad may fit under your saddle on one horse but not the other!

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