Cavalor Leather Soap

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Regular cleaning and conditioning is vital to your leather products’ health, and Cavalor’s glycerine-based liquid Leather Soap is here to help keep your tack clean and supple year after year. This sprayable soap gently lifts away sweat, grease, and dirt, leaving your leather clean and supple.


  • Potassium Oleate is gentle on leather but penetrates deeply for a thorough clean
  • Glycerin helps keep the leather supple and prevent cracking and dryness
  • Helps get rid of mold and bacteria that can build up on tack
  • Easy spray bottle application


FarmVet Tip:
Follow with Cavalor's Leather Shine for even shinier, more supple leather that will keep your leather healthy for years! Shop here!


Apply Cavalor Leather Soap to your leather with a damp cloth or sponge. If the tack has loose dirt, sweat, or hair on the surface, remove it before using this product for a more effective cleaning process. After allowing the tack to dry, polish with a dry cloth or soft brush to bring out the natural shine in the leather and remove soap residue.

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2 reviews