LifeForce Weight Booster

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LifeForce Weight Booster from Alltech is a concentrated source of calories and energy for all horses. This supplement contains 50% for optimal body condition and it's rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to help improve your horse's overall skin and coat health. Plus there is no added sugar that provides cool energy.


  • Rich in Omega-3 to target skin and coat health
  • No sugar added
  • Has 50% fat for optimal body condition


Serving size based on 1,000-1,100 lb horses:

Calories or Weight Maintenance: 1 scoop (4 oz) daily
Skin & Coat: 1/2 scoop (2 oz) daily

Depending on the level of activity/condition you can feed up to 2 scoops (8 oz) a day. It's recommended that you split that between two feedings.


Vegetable oil, stabilized rice bran, flaxseed, yeast culture, calcium carbonate, calcium propionate, BHT, phosphorus, Omega-3 fatty acids, bacillus licheniformis and bacillus subtilis

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