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Cavalor Lurax is a trusted solution to your horse's minor cuts, scrapes, and skin irritations. The unique formula contains nutrients to stimulate skin cell regeneration, helping to reduce scarring and speed up hair regrowth. A cooling sensation helps soothe irritations, while antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the risk of infection.


  • Stimulates skin cell regeneration and hair regrowth
  • Helps soothe irritation and inflammation 
  • Cooling effect upon application makes it perfect for helping to treat sunburns
  • Unique blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients
  • Antiseptic properties help reduce the risk of infection in minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes


For external use only. In cases of severe skin damage, wounds, or inflammation, always seek veterinary advice. Cavalor Lurax may separate in extreme heat. Store in a cool place to avoid separation.


Includes, but is not limited to: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Indian Frankincense, Aloe Vera, Cod-Liver Oil, Zinc oxide


Massage a small amount of Cavalor Lurax into the skin on and around the affected area. Continue use until the skin has healed. Ensure the wound is clean before applying this product.

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