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Mag Vet is an all natural magnesium supplement for horses. It helps to gently calm nervous, hot or young horses. During stressful situations a horses magnesium and calcium levels can become unbalanced. This imbalance causes calcium levels to rise which can result in nervousness and overexcitement. Mag Vet restores your horses natural magnesium/calcium levels keeping them calm. Mag Vet is non doping and is safe for competition.  


Stressful situations cans causing an imbalance in magnesium and calcium levels. This makes horses tense, nervous and high strung. Mag Vet's specially compounded magnesium removes excess calcium from the cells of the horse thus alleviating unwanted nervousness and anxiety. 
  • Helps to restore natural magnesium/calcium levels
  • Non doping
  • Helps to calm and relax nervous horses
  • Can be fed on a daily basis


Feed 1g per 100 lbs

Feed once daily for at least 21 days prior to an event. 


FarmVet Tip:
If you horse will not eat Mag Vet as a top dressing on their feed. Mag Vet can easily be diluted in water and giver orally via a syringe. 


Do not exceed recommended dosage. 


Magnesium 98%, Calcium 1.44%, Iron .56%

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Improved focus and less tension


Feeding my competition horses Hypona Magvet on a daily basis has helped them manage the daily stresses of training, traveling and competing. They arrive at competitions with less anxiety and seem to adapt to their new environments with improved focus and less muscle tension.